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Interviews and Podcasts!!

Since Jetta: Full Circle has been going through pre-orders, Kevin, Janet and muself have been featured on some great podcasts. Here is a run down of some of the interviews where we talk about Jetta, MAW Productions and self publishing Jetta for 17 years!

Ben and Zack of the Mystery Solved Comic Book and Podcast have a chat with Kevin Williams, editor of Jetta: Tales of The Toshigawa. Enjoy! LISTEN HERE.

pkd-bb50_300x300_246ad2fa922439ffa633e9a874e29fa0On the PKD Media Black Box, Martheus and Janet Wade are interviewed about their latest Original Graphic Novel, Jetta: Tales of The Toshigawa – Full Circle. LISTEN HERE

Bob Bretall of The Comic Book Page talks to Martheus Antone Wade, creator, co-writer & artist of Jetta: Full Circle. LISTEN HERE


You’ve heard of “Ask a Ninja”. Well, this is “ASK JETTA & TURRA”!! Post a question to Jetta or Turra here on or our  facebook page and they will answer it! We will be taking questions from you guys for the next two weeks. Afterwards, we will post a special web comic staring Jetta and Turra as they answer your questions and comment back to you. Want to know what Jetta’s favorite color is? Want to know what calibre guns Turra uses? Ask away!! Post your questions here or on our facebook page found HERE and let the fun begin!

Meet the new Jetta model!

Sara as Jetta.

Sara as Jetta.

We recently had a small casting call for a model to represent MAW Productions as Jetta at conventions and comic book signings. There were big shoes left to fill by our former model, and good friend, Kitty Contreras. However, Sara Freites stepped up to the plate and has taken over the role of the ninja princess with flying colors. Janet Wade got the chance to sit down with her and talk about everything from Jetta to cosplay to the zombie apocalypse!

JANET: Sara, tell us a little about yourself.
SARA: Well theres not much to know about me :D Im a pretty simple girl! I just graduated from college and working part time. I’m  also writting hard core on a book I hope to get published next year.

JANET: When & how did you get into cosplaying?
SARA: My best friend lyndzy got me into cosplay. My first convention was at MTAC in nashville 2 years ago and I went as Lara croft, my very first cosplay.

JANET: How did you come to find out about Jetta?
SARA: Again, my best friend lyndzy hooked me up lol she sent me a link to the page where they were looking for someone to model as Jetta and I started to read the comics.

Sara as Jetta.

Sara as Jetta.

JANET: What’s it like working with MAW Productions?
SARA: It is a blast! Everyone is so light hearted and gets a long and has a great sense of humor. They are like family now!

JANET: You collaborated with MAW Productions to make the Jetta costume. What was that like?
SARA: Everyone seems to be so talented and in this way we each contributed to making the costume. We didn’t think we could do it, but it turned out just like the comic book!

JANET: Tell us about your first public appearance as Jetta.
SARA: I was so nervous! But everyone was so nice and told me not to worry about anything. There were so many people that wanted to take pictures and that wanted to know more about Jetta. I had so much fun meeting new people and talking to everyone there that I forgot about how nervous I was.

Sara as Jetta!

Sara as Jetta!

JANET: After reading the books, which Tales of the Toshigawa character is your most fav & why?
SARA: Deffinitly Jetta because she is so strong and can handle just about anything. She doesn’t get down on herself, but instead stands up for herself. She’s independent and not scared of the world! haha!

Outside of cosplaying, what other things do you enjoy? I understand you’re into modeling?
SARA: Yes I do enjoy modeling and I’ve been modeling since I was 17, but my real passion is writting. As I mentioned earlier, I’m writting a book. I’ve  been writting short storied and poems since I was in the second grade so it goes way back. I also enjoy playing the violin and the piano in my spare time .. that is if I’m not writting. haha :)

JANET: Kevin usually asks a weird “paper or plastic” question. I’ve got a “Janet” question…If the zombie apocalypse were to happen, what would be the one thing in all the world you’d want to have in your possession and why.
SARA: Zombies?? I’d say… my car! HAHA I’d want a way to out run and run over zombies at the same time!

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