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Wade’s World Podcast


Is the planet ready for THE WADES?

Well. I’ve been talked into starting a podcast. The thing is that my co-hosts are my son, Anakin Wade and my wife, Janet Wade. When we’re not arguing with each other, or fighting over what to watch on T.V., we talk about how it is to be a creative family unit. What keeps us creative and any other tangent that creeps into our minds.

Episodes 1 and 2 are out for your listening pleasure or torture. Whichever floats your boat.  In the first episode we share with the world what a creative family is like. In the second episode, Anakin kicks Janet out of the family and Janet tells how I keep my kickboxing mouth guard in my pocket at all times.

Take a listen and don’t forget to pick up Shinobi: Ninja Princess!!

All Cons!! All The Time!!

So, team Toshigawa has finally emerged from the convention tour we have been on for two weeks. While it was fun to hit Superman Celebration and Anime Blues Con in back to back weekends, it was also exhausting! We also made it out of the art whirlwind that was May and June that saw the release of Jetta: Beginnings from Action Lab Entertainment, Free Comic Book day, and our 2nd MAW Productions Drink N Draw. However, after the smoke cleared and the dust settled, we had two great convention experiences! Here’s a rundown of what you missed.



Superman Celebration was all about family for me and Janet as we took Anakin (our son not the Jedi/Sith) to his first real convention. Things where a little hectic juggling daddy duties and being available at the MAW Productions booth. But, in the end, things worked out well. So, since a picture is worth 1000 words, I got plenty of photos to show you guys.

Me and Anakin at the MAW Productions booth! He plays. I work.


Turra and a Super Fan!


I did two seminars on breaking into the comic book industry! I had an awesome time!


Anakin saw Green Arrow and had to take a picture with him! This is an awesome picture!


Anakin also fell in love with Wonder Woman. He was looking for her after this picture so he could take another one with her.


Found this car outside of Lamberts and Anakin and I decided to take a spin around the block!


We took this same shot of him when he was only a few months old. Time flies.


The Super Mule and the Cookie Caper puppet show went great!


Roy Duck, Buford the Dog, and Muley the Mule star in Super Mule and the Cookie Caper!


Got the chance to meet the man himself, Mr. George Perez!


This is what Superman Celebration was about for me this year. My family and my art!



Anime Blues Con 2012 was all about work, work, work. Some of you guys know that I’m also a convention head for the art track at ABC. What that means is, not only am I set up for the convention at the MAW Productions booth, but I am also responsible for artist alley, the art panels, and the artist guests of honor. It can be a lot of fun. But it is also very taxing. Here are a few photos from the weekend.

Janet and Aang pose at ABC 2012


Reason number 1 anime conventions are different from other comic cons


Reason number 2 anime conventions are different from other comic cons.

Kevin is interviewed at the MAW Productions booth by Becca Meritt


Animator and comic artist, Alex Zemke, demos his animation skill at his booth!


Paintings by Demarco Randall!


Jewelery by Janet Wade


Anakin shows Turra all of the great spots to take photos!


Then he stops to take pictures with Catwoman. His convention tour continues!!


Animaniacs in the house!




ABC was so huge that DJ Lance Rock made an appearance!


Out of the Blu number 1 made it's debut at ABC! This was awesome to see completed and have anime and manga fans read for the first time. Be on the look out for the web series coming soon.


The Anime Blues Program Book and Out of the Blu #1 together! 2X BLues! Anime Blues!

Ninjettete from my favorite graphic novel series Empowered!


Anime Blues Con 2! Two times the trouble!


Shuks Howdy!!!


This is the look of an exhausted con head and artist.



Dejah Thores Commission

New 52 Superman Commission

Muley the Mule and Snuffy Commission

BATGIRL commission

Turra Shibata commission


She-Hulk Commission


Jetta Commission

Thanks to everyone that came out to both Superman Celebration and Anime Blues Con! You guys are what we do this for and I look forward to meeting you all out there on the convention road! Next stop, Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention.


Empire Strikes Back sketch cards

I just completed another batch of 106 cards for the Empire Strikes back via Topps. It is always fun to touch on a property that you love so much. Star Wars is that property. Check out some of my cards that I did and be on the look out for them in a store near you.



Superman Celebration was Awesome!!!

Anakin Grayson WadeWe had a blast at Superman Celebration this year. Thanks to the city of Metropolis for inviting us. This year was extra special as this was the first convention that Martheus and Janet Wade’s son, Anakin, attended. As you can see by the photo at left, he was the coolest person in the MAW Productions crew. (More photos will be put up here soon.) Lin Workman, Tim Brown, Andrew Chandler, Adam and Penny Shaw, Jay Chupe, Kevin Williams, Janet Wade and Martheus all did an awesome job with the programing for Artist and Writers Alley.

It was a blast to meet Gail Simone and John Ostrander. Martheus got to show both of them his portfolio featuring a Wonder Woman story that he is writing and illustrating. The story will be placed up for free in the art gallery and the web stories page, so keep a look out. It was also fun to hang out with Mike Norton. He and Martheus attended the University of Memphis and since then, Mike has sky rocketed to the top of the comic book charts at DC Comics. 

Muley and “Wonder Woman” Joan hosted the Kids’ Costume Contest and it was so much fun with 53 entrants! Lots of great kids participated, and the audience was wonderful. Superman was fun for Muley to banter with while the judges deliberated.

Jetta was a hit. Thanks to everyone who attended our panels on Friday and Saturday. Revelations about the future of Jetta and information on the movie option was discussed. A fun time was had by all. We hope the city invite us back in 2010. If so, we will see you guys next year. Make plans early and come out to have some fun. Version 2!

Creator and Editor!!

Creator and Editor!!

Finally we are up and running again with a new look and GREAT information about our goings on! I want everyone to welcome our web master, Josh Wells, who helped us upgrade. He is new to the MAW team and has instantly made a difference. Thanks, dude!

We have a lot to update you on so here we go.

The First Baby of the MAW Productions Family is here!!

Anakin Grayson Wade was born on Feb. 26th at 11:51 pm to Martheus and Janet Wade.

We are very proud of our little boy and will be starting his training in the fine art of comic book inking to help daddy. Janet is doing well and both of us have taken a while off to spend time with him. But don’t fear, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and MAW Productions is in the hands of fearless editor, Kevin Williams. Everyone please welcome our new addition.

Sleepy Time.

Sleepy Time.

More sleepy time. That's what I do.

More sleepy time. That's what I do.

Waking up with his cool dad. Look both of them have skull caps.  Haha.

Waking up with his cool dad. Look both of them have skull caps. Haha.