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Wade’s World Podcast


Is the planet ready for THE WADES?

Well. I’ve been talked into starting a podcast. The thing is that my co-hosts are my son, Anakin Wade and my wife, Janet Wade. When we’re not arguing with each other, or fighting over what to watch on T.V., we talk about how it is to be a creative family unit. What keeps us creative and any other tangent that creeps into our minds.

Episodes 1 and 2 are out for your listening pleasure or torture. Whichever floats your boat.  In the first episode we share with the world what a creative family is like. In the second episode, Anakin kicks Janet out of the family and Janet tells how I keep my kickboxing mouth guard in my pocket at all times.

Take a listen and don’t forget to pick up Shinobi: Ninja Princess!!

Original Art for Sell!

Wonder Woman in battle

Just updated my original/ print Art Gallery! If you are looking to grab some original art or prints from me, take a look.

Major Original Artwork Sell

Just in time for Valentines day, I’m selling some of my original art for a very low price! Ranging from 11×17 artwork as well as Star War sketch cards, this is a great gift for your special loved one. Check below for that perfect piece for you. If you are interested, contact me at and let me know. You can also send payment via Paypal to to reserve your favorite piece. All pieces are on a first come, first served bases.

Darth Vader vs Ole Starstone

11X17 Original Page



Wonder Woman

11X17 Original Page

Pencil, Ink, Copic Warm and Cool Grey


Turra: Bombs and Betrayal

11X17 Original Page

Pencil and Ink


Jetta Crucible

11X17 Original Page

Pencil and Ink


Jetta: Full Circle

11X17 Original Page

Pencil and Ink


Star Wars Sketch Cards: Empire Strikes Back

Official Lucas Films Cards

Pencil, Ink, Copic Marker

$30.00 (Each)

Star Wars Galaxy Sketch Cards: Darth Maul

Official Lucas Films Cards

Pencil, Ink, Copic Marker


Art for Sale & New MAW Blogspot

Martheus has a TON of original comic pages and pin ups for sale, pencils and inks.  Pieces from Bad Girls Club (IDW 2011), Jetta/Shi oneshot crossover (MAW Productions 2008), Adventures of the Booby Watcher (IDW 2008), Darth Maul sketchcards (Star Wars Galaxy 5) just to name a few.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, he’s always open for commissions.

Darth Maul Galazy 5 sketchcard puzzle (pencils & inks)

Bad Girls Club spread

Bad Girls Club wrap around cover (pencils)

In other news, MAW Productions now has its very own spot on the interwebs to house all things, well, MAW Productions. TOSHIGAWA.COM will still feature all things Jetta.  But on we’ll not only have news and info on Jetta, but also Muley art and news, MAW Productions artists’ personal projects, tutorials, blog-thoughts, videos, comic related reviews…anything you can think of, it’ll be there.  So go visit and subscribe!

New Opportunities for saltygirl!!!

Hey all!  Just received some good news!  Well, at least I think it can be good news. Something that will send more views our way and encourage me to get back into this art gig the way I use to before Mommy duties took over. Going over a contract right now.  Once everything’s solidified I’ll let ya’ll in on it.

Stay tuned!

~~Janet (aka saltygirl)

Graphic Design Guitar

Bet you didn’t know that our very own Martheus Wade is a talented graphic artist as well as an illustrator and comic book artist, did you?  That’s right!  He’s also done design work for Girl Scouts of the Mid-South, the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge, and the Larry Finch Foundation, to name a few.




Here’s a piece he did for a client just in time for Christmas.  (Very cool custom frame done by the good folks of 1910 Frameworks.)

Guitar Graphic Design Piece -- by Martheus Wade