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Team Turra! Bring it!!!

Team Turra took over Lexington Comic and Toy Convention this past March. Thank you to everyone that braved the crowds and joined us for our panel discussion that Saturday where we showed the first draft of the Turra: Gun Angel Live Action Short Film. Star Rachel Alig, along with Marshal Pictures and myself where on hand for the festivities. This is a fun con and having Rachel at the table brought a light to our booth like none other! Be on the lookout for the DVD and news about the production of the entire feature film! Join Team Turra to keep up with us.

Turra: Gun

Join Team Turra here: Turra: Gun Angel Facebook

Check out Marshal Pictures here :

Also, if you want to read about how we brought this awesome project to life, check out my article titled, That Life with Martheus Wade, where I go into detail about what it took for us to successfully turn a graphic novel into a crowd funding campaign and live action short. And read about the price I personally had to pay!

Read it here: That Life with Martheus Wade



Turra World Premiere


Rachel Alig at Lexington Comic and Toy Con

Turra DVD

Team Turra 2

Team Turra panel

Team Turra

A lot has been going on!

Turra and Cyan in Kunoichi Hime© issue 2

There has been a great deal of things happening that I have to fill you guys in on. First off, sorry for the long delay between updates. Life can get away with you sometimes and this is one of those times for me. The good news is that I haven’t been just sitting around. I’ve been working on some cool stuff!! So, here is a quick update to let you guys know where I am on all of the different projects that are currently in production.

Janet, Martheus and Marvin at ABC Remix

Kunoichi Hime is looking REALLY GOOD. Our preview book that we have taken to conventions has had a great response. There are A LOT of people looking forward to this book coming out. The first issue is in the can! The second issue is in deep production. Tressa Bowling (LOI Studios and co-host of the podcast Beaucoup Pop) has completed her cover for issue 2 and its awesome. I’ll preview it as soon as production on it has completed! I’m still in talks with Action Lab Entertainment to get a formal date for the Kunoichi Hime Release. Once I get that, I’ll let everyone know when this book will hit the shelves! Be on the look out!

Kristen meditates on page 4 of Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa - Omega

Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa – Omega is also looking awesome! I’m really proud of the work that is going into this book as we close this main Jetta story arch. I’ve been working on the Jetta stories my entire comic book career and this is a VERY bittersweet book for me. So, I’m trying to give you guys the best that I can to thank you for sticking with me and Jetta all these years. I am on the last chapter of pencils! Be on the look out for pre-order announcements when we get closer to release!

Turra© is Realdy to Roll!

August 3 and 4 will see Turra: Gun Angel come to life in our live action short. Since our Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for the short was successful, this has been the big thing that has kept me away from other projects. This is MASSIVE. If you have donated and joined Team Turra, your incentives will be shipped to you as soon as the edits are complete and we have a final copy of the short. I’m so excited to be on the set again working with Marshal Pictures and Rachel Alig to bring this story to life. Find out more info on the movie and the Turra© character at!

Alright peeps! There is more to do and so little time. I’m going to put on the artist cap again and hit the drawing board. I’ll see you all in the comic books.


One Tired Creator!

Kunoichi Hime (Ninja Princess)

You may have seen the promotional images we have been placing on Facebook, Twitter and Deviant Art with the caption “Soon”. Well, it’s time to spill the beans. We are excited to announce Kunoichi Hime, the newest story in the saga of the Toshigawa Ninja Clan.

 Fourteen year old Shianndrea deals with the hardships of any normal teenage girl. She’s in love with a boy who is way out of her league and dating someone else. She hates the way she looks. Her teachers are overbearing. And her rival just so happens to be a star pupil who is always willing to make her look bad. But Shianndrea is not like any  normal girl. She is a ninja princess, born into a world of martial arts training and death defying ninja action all in order to safeguard Japan from its evil Emperor. The last thing she wants is to let her clan down.

However, certain forces are moving against her. The Azumi Ninja Clan has their eyes set on capturing Shianndrea and delivering her to the Emperor who is ready to destroy her. They have conjured an Oni (Demon) to make sure that the Ninja Princess does not escape. Now Shianndrea has to stay out of the Azumi’s and their monster’s sights while navigating the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl. All of this and her Ninja Master Test is just around the corner.

“What makes this different from the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa series?” Well, I’m glad you asked, young reader. This series will be presented initially as a web comic released biweekly. That’s right!! Tune into every two weeks to see the story onfold! Another thing that sets this series apart from the graphic novels is the story. Kunoichi Hime is set 8 years before the original graphic novel series, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa, and is about how a 14 year old Shianndrea copes with love, life, and ninja training all while trying to discover what kind of woman she wants and needs to be. “We wanted to do some stories that where a bit lighter in tone. Kunoichi Hime is a fun and exciting read that will entertain, not only current readers on the original graphic novels, but teens and girls who love comics and manga as well”, said writer Janet Wade. “I, for one, am extremely happy with the stories that Janet and Kevin have crafted. I’m looking forward to seeing where they take this next.”, said creator Martheus Wade. “It’s going to be refreshing to turn over the reigns of these characters to someone else for a change.”

 Kunoichi Hime will make it’s debut at Anime Blues Con Winter Remix Saturday, January 19, 2013. We will have with us an exclusive 8 page intro story in print and on sale to kick off the web comic. Don’t miss this opportunity to get this REMIX EXCLUSIVE. We will also have prints and posters to help us celebrate this new beginning to the Toshigawa saga. Kunoichi Hime goes live at on January 26! Mark your calendars and don’t forget to subscribe for frequent updates!


Writen by: Janet Wade

Illustrations by: A.I.M.I

Cover by: Johanna Tamminen

Edits by: Kevin L. Williams

Colors by: Janet Wade

Color assists by: Marvin Cheveallier

Comic book and Manga Classes are a GO!!


Indy comic book creator, Martheus Wade, creator of the hit graphic novel series Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel and art director for MAW Productions Studios, is proud to announce the formation of The Comic Studio, a series of classes that specialize in the art of comic book and graphic novel creation.

The Comic Studio will be art classes with a comic book twist. The classes take an innovative approach to creative design that combines fine art, writing and graphic design skills and team them with goal setting techniques that will empower students to see projects through to completion. Courses will cover everything from photoshop techniques, to illustration techniques, to writing all from the perspective of comic book and graphic novel creation. “I’ve always wanted to give back to the Memphis area,” Martheus said. “The idea for the Comic Studio began when I taught comic illustration in the penitentiary system. There were some extremely talented individuals there that could have contributed so much to the art world if someone would have reached them early and helped develop their talent. I want to find that child before it’s too late.” Thanks to fellow artist and prolific painter, Adam Shaw, classes will start at his studio in November at 2547 Broad Ave, Memphis TN. “The revitalization of Broad Avenue as an arts district fits The Comic Studio perfectly,” said Martheus. “It’s the perfect place to open minds to the arts and the power of the graphic medium.”

Classes start in November and will meet Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. More information on times will be available in the coming weeks. Anyone interested in enrollment should contact Martheus Wade at or join our facebook page, keyword: The Comic Studio. Free art tutorials are also available online at


Martheus Antone Wade

Optioned for motion picture, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa was created in 1985 by Martheus Antone Wade, a graduate of the University of Memphis. Martheus’ love for martial arts, along with his talent as a graphic artist, was a natural fit for creating exciting characters and imaginative storylines. He then began his carrier as an intern at Signature Advertising. After completing his internship, Martheus worked as graphic designer. After two years, Martheus struck out on his own as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working with companies such as the Radison Hotel, Trust Marketing, Senior Services, The YWCA, The Girl Scouts Council of the Mid-South, and Special Olympics.

He has illustrated for Maximum CNG, Bloodstream for Image Comics, Shooting Star Comics, Chaos Campus for Approbation Comics and Andrew Dabb’s Slices just to name a few. Recently, he has worked on such titles as Action Man and Nanovor for IDW, Bad Girls Club for the Oxygen Network, and illustrated, wrote, and produced a comic book crossover with his title character, Jetta, and William Tucci’s, Shi. His work has been used for the movie Role Models from Universal Pictures as well as the instructional DVD and book, Hi-Fi Digital Color for Comics available from IMPACT Publishing.

Visit to see more of his work and artistic process .

All Cons!! All The Time!!

So, team Toshigawa has finally emerged from the convention tour we have been on for two weeks. While it was fun to hit Superman Celebration and Anime Blues Con in back to back weekends, it was also exhausting! We also made it out of the art whirlwind that was May and June that saw the release of Jetta: Beginnings from Action Lab Entertainment, Free Comic Book day, and our 2nd MAW Productions Drink N Draw. However, after the smoke cleared and the dust settled, we had two great convention experiences! Here’s a rundown of what you missed.



Superman Celebration was all about family for me and Janet as we took Anakin (our son not the Jedi/Sith) to his first real convention. Things where a little hectic juggling daddy duties and being available at the MAW Productions booth. But, in the end, things worked out well. So, since a picture is worth 1000 words, I got plenty of photos to show you guys.

Me and Anakin at the MAW Productions booth! He plays. I work.


Turra and a Super Fan!


I did two seminars on breaking into the comic book industry! I had an awesome time!


Anakin saw Green Arrow and had to take a picture with him! This is an awesome picture!


Anakin also fell in love with Wonder Woman. He was looking for her after this picture so he could take another one with her.


Found this car outside of Lamberts and Anakin and I decided to take a spin around the block!


We took this same shot of him when he was only a few months old. Time flies.


The Super Mule and the Cookie Caper puppet show went great!


Roy Duck, Buford the Dog, and Muley the Mule star in Super Mule and the Cookie Caper!


Got the chance to meet the man himself, Mr. George Perez!


This is what Superman Celebration was about for me this year. My family and my art!



Anime Blues Con 2012 was all about work, work, work. Some of you guys know that I’m also a convention head for the art track at ABC. What that means is, not only am I set up for the convention at the MAW Productions booth, but I am also responsible for artist alley, the art panels, and the artist guests of honor. It can be a lot of fun. But it is also very taxing. Here are a few photos from the weekend.

Janet and Aang pose at ABC 2012


Reason number 1 anime conventions are different from other comic cons


Reason number 2 anime conventions are different from other comic cons.

Kevin is interviewed at the MAW Productions booth by Becca Meritt


Animator and comic artist, Alex Zemke, demos his animation skill at his booth!


Paintings by Demarco Randall!


Jewelery by Janet Wade


Anakin shows Turra all of the great spots to take photos!


Then he stops to take pictures with Catwoman. His convention tour continues!!


Animaniacs in the house!




ABC was so huge that DJ Lance Rock made an appearance!


Out of the Blu number 1 made it's debut at ABC! This was awesome to see completed and have anime and manga fans read for the first time. Be on the look out for the web series coming soon.


The Anime Blues Program Book and Out of the Blu #1 together! 2X BLues! Anime Blues!

Ninjettete from my favorite graphic novel series Empowered!


Anime Blues Con 2! Two times the trouble!


Shuks Howdy!!!


This is the look of an exhausted con head and artist.



Dejah Thores Commission

New 52 Superman Commission

Muley the Mule and Snuffy Commission

BATGIRL commission

Turra Shibata commission


She-Hulk Commission


Jetta Commission

Thanks to everyone that came out to both Superman Celebration and Anime Blues Con! You guys are what we do this for and I look forward to meeting you all out there on the convention road! Next stop, Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention.


Superman Celebration 2012

Superman Celebration 6/7-10/2012

Several things are about to happen, but first: Don’t forget to click on the comic book cover below to order your own digital copy of the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa – Beginnings Omnibus from MAW Productions!!  You want it, you know you do, so go get it!  Only $6.99 for 120 pages of full color glorious art! 

Coming up soon, you can find appearances by all your favorites at Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL!  June 7 – 10, 2012!

On hand you can find Kevin L. Williams and Muley the Mule, Martheus Wade and Janet Wade.  We’ll also have Muley being supported by Richard Meeks on Friday and Saturday for a Meet-n-Greet on Friday and Saturday as well as Turra Shibata on the same days supported by Micah Riley.  Artist DaMarco Randle will be there as well with a live-painting demonstration, all watched after closely by our Guard at Arms, Cliff Riley.

So, what does our schedule look like?

Each day the Artist’s Alley opens at 10 am, and you can find Muley and Turra there at that time.  Friday, you can meet Muley in is regular t-shirt; but on Saturday Muley will be donning his SuperMule suit for a visit!  Bring your cameras and autograph books!   Also, each day DaMarco Randle will be doing painting demonstrations that you can bid on while he paints LIVE for you!  All artists will be taking commissions for art throughout the weekend.  Artist’s Alley closes each day at 6pm.

Friday, June 8th, we’ll be there all day and working hard on art, sketches, and more, so be sure to swing by for a visit, except these times:

12 Noon: “Marketing for the Pitch” featuring creator Martheus Wade! Planet Krypton, 719 Market Street.

2:30 pm: “SuperMule and the Cookie Caper” performance*  Planet Krypton, 719 Market Street.

4:00 pm: “Kids Superhero Costume Contest” at the Smallville Tent is where you can find Muley next.

The puppet show performance is “SuperMule and the Cookie Caper!”  Can SuperMule save the day when all the city’s cookies are disappearing at the hands of an evil cookie thief?  You’ll have to come to the show and find out!  Featuring Muley the Mule as SuperMule; his pals Buford the Dog and Roy Duck; the victimous Missy Mule; Santa Fish and Frankie Steinatra as the goons; Death as the heavy; and Captain Davis as Captain Davis.

Saturday, June 9th, back at the booth all day starting at 10 am for artwork, sketches, and other activities. 

2:00 pm: Comic Book Pencilling workshop with Martheus Wade at Planet Krypton, 719 Market Street.  It’s a free class, and the best educational opportunity you can find for creating comics!  (The only other place I would suggest to go to learn anything would be at the MAW Studios website for the tutorials.)

7:30 pm: Come see the Memphis Blues Brothers – Soloman DH and Linwood Blues – as they come out of seclusion for a one-night-only celebratory song of Superman, introducing the annual Fan Film Competition! 
Sunday Morning at 10 am you can find us at the booth with your last-chance to purchase Muley/Jetta/Turra goodies and get art commissions ordered as usually we break down about noon.

See you on the road for some Super Sized fun!

Out of the Blu

Anime Blues Presents: “Out of the Blu”

Anime Blues • June 15 – 17, 2012

We’ve talked about it for months and now here it is; “Out of the Blu” an exclusive comic for Anime Blues Con starring our mascots, Trixi and Dax and created by us, MAW Productions. Have you ever wondered how Dax and Trixi met? Here’s your chance to find out! All of Anime Blues Con 2012 pre-registered attendees will receive a FREE copy of “Out of the Blu” and a limited number of copies will be available at the con for sale. On Saturday, stop by the MAW Productions table and get your copy of “Out of the Blu” signed by Trixi and Dax themselves!

As well, join us on Sunday at 3:00pm for the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa panel!

Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa – Graphic Novels, Music and More

Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa has been a graphic novel fixture for 17 years as readers have followed Shianndrea Toshigawa, AKA Jetta, on her journey to become the Chosen One of the Toshigawa Ninja clan. Now, the books climatic end is fast approaching. With a live action movie in the works, the creative team that brought you this independent hit would like to celebrate this 17 year journey with Anime Blue Con! Come meet MAW Productions creators, Martheus Wade, Kevin Williams and Janet Wade with special guests Alex Zemke and Andrew Chandler as they talk the past, present and future of this exciting story. This panel will be kicking things of with live music from Iyse Gibson and D’Voted as they perform tracks inspired by the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa – Defiance soundtrack! Don’t miss this celebration!

Find out more about Anime Blues Con here!! Hope to see you there!


It’s that time again to Drink-N-Draw!! And we have a big reason to celebrate the art of putting pencil to paper!
MAW Productions Studio invites you to join us at The Spaghetti Warehouse on May 18th for a night of pencil pushing, copic slinging, and beer drinking!! This is in celebration of the digital release of our first omnibus titled Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa – Beginnings published by Action Lab Entertainment!! To kick this release off right, every 5th person to come to the Drink -N- Draw will get an offer for a free download of the new book! So, sign up at the link below and come hang out and draw (or write) with our art community. See you there!!
Sign Up for the FUN here!!

Free Comic Book Day and Con Appearances


Free Comic Book Day is May 5th 2012 and we will be celebrating it in two different locations at the same time. (Crazy I know.)

First off Janet Stone Wade and myself along with Shawn Pryor of Action Lab Entertainment will be signing books, sketching, and meeting readers at Collectibles Etc in Lexington Ky! Janet and I will have copies of our new book, Jetta vs Turra that we will be giving away to everyone that stops by our table. If you will be in the area, make sure you stop by, grab a book and sketch and enjoy the festivities.

Back in Memphis, TN Kevin L. Williams, Muley and Turra will be signing copies of Muley the Mule and Friends, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel at The Comics Cellar along side members of the Mid South Cartoonists Association! If you are in the Memphis area, take a trip to The Cellar and find out more information on the MSCA, grab a book from the editor of MAW Productions and have Turra sign your books!!

June is going to be just as busy for us!


On June 7th-10th Kevin, Janet, Muley, Turra and myself will be at Superman Celebration with other special guest artists! Muley will be hosting SuperMule and the Cookie Caper, a show that will star all of the cast of Muley the Mule and Friends. I will also be teaching comic book illustration classes on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to know more and see who all will be there, check out the site at


The very next week, we will be at Anime Blues Con June 15th-17th!

The entire MAW Productions Crew will be there in full force as we will be hosting a slew of panel discussion about the creation of comic books and manga, as well as a Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa panel filled with music and fun!! Also, look for our exclusive comic book for the convention called, “The Blues” that will only be available at ABC 2012! To see all of the panels we will be hosting as well as guests to this awesome con take a look at!

See you somewhere out there on the road!!

The Blues

Here is a sneak peak at “Out of the BLUE”, a book that will debut at Anime Blues Con 2012 and stars convention spokes models, Trixi and Dax! See how the band get’s back together only at ANIME BLUES CON 2012

Illustrated and written by Martheus Wade

Inks by Janet Wade

Colors by Marvin Cheveallier

Edits by Kevin L. Williams

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