Turra Speaks: An Interview with Turra model Micah Riley!

Ready... Aim....

Since this is an all Turra month, we wanted to take the time to sit down with Micah Riley, the model many of you have seen running around as Turra at conventions and Facebook!

Martheus:  So Micah, tell us a little about yourself.

Micah: Man I have always hated this question…Hello my name is Micah, and it’s been 6 days since I beat someone up! I’m halfway kidding…I was born and raised in Memphis TN. I’m married and have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and have many pets! I have been training in different martial arts since 1994. In my spare time I like being with my family and friends.

When & how did you get into cosplaying?

When my daughter was born we got big into dressing up on Halloween. Characters such as; Vampire Willow, Borris Offee, the Village People, and Batgirl among others. After being at many cons I decided to dress up myself. Still being a nerd in training, my husband helped me research characters and we came up with Donna Troy. She was my first Cosplay at Superman Celebration 4 years ago.

How did you come to find out about Turra?

Being friends with the fine folks at MAW Productions and following the Jetta series for years; at first I only knew her as a back up character.

Turra is vastly different from Jetta. Do you feel more closely to Turra because of that?

Yes in some ways…I’m definitely not a chosen one, but I’m not the black sheep of my family either…I’m more of an outcast.

What traits does Turra have that you most identify with?

Of course being a martial artist, but I can be a flirt at times too!

What’s it like working with MAW Productions?

We have known each other for sometime now, and have been to some cons together. So, it’s not much different than before. It does feel great helping out my very talented friends. The best part of the group is..you will always leave with a smile on your face or at least pee your pants laughing about something!

You’ve worked with us behind the scenes on a few video promotion projects. What’s it like being in the center light now?

I don’t like to see myself as being in the center light, but before I just got to just beat people up, get pictures taken, or walk by in a video. It’s going to take me awhile to get used to talkong to the public and being interviewed on the spot!

Tell us about your first public appearance as Turra.

October of last year was my first Con as Turra at the Memphis Comics and Fantasy Con. I was so nervous at first, but when I heard there was a school field trip coming there I told myself “I got this!” I’m used to being around a lot of kids teaching martial arts plus Muley was there to help out! Besides little kids asking me if I was Lady Gaga, my favorite moment was when Kevin had to save me and my all white costume from a kid with Cheeto fingers giving me a hug!

After reading the books, which Tales of the Toshigawa character is your most fav & why?

Well duh…Turra! Seriously it’s a toss up between Gaudient and Turra. Turra for being so different and hardcore, and Gaudient for the inside joke that he is based on our karate/kickboxing instructor.

Which character do you hate the most?

Hmmm. That’s a hard question…but Gin keeps popping in my head. I think because I don’t know much about him, or understand why he’s there.

Oh, he has a reason to be there. All will be revealed soon. HAHAHAHA!

You are a martial artist. What moves would you like to see Turra do that you would do?

OOOOOOh! A superman pistol whip! Just to be mean and show off! I can see her get so mad at someone but not want to waste her bullets!

Where would you like to see Turra go from here?

To be bigger than Justin Bieber! It would be awesome to see an animated series of Turra!

Kevin usually asks a weird “paper or plastic” question. Janet asks her zombie question. Here’s mine. If you where facing down Terminus, Slash and a host of evil ninja, what would you bring to the fight?

Jetta and some Guns!!!


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