Martheus Wade and Kevin Williams discuss Defiance on Live at 9 7/16/10

Jetta kicks ass in this funny web commercial hyping up our new graphic novel coming this summer. Find out why you should never take a comic book from Jetta. Staring Alexis Partee, Andrew Chandler, Cliff Riley, Kevin Williams, Micah Renea Riley, Sara Freites

Check out our inside look at the inspiration behind the story, artwork, and drive of the hit indy graphic novel, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa in this special interview session with creator illustrator: Martheus Wade, illustrator inker: Janet Wade and editor: Kevin Williams. Part 1 of 5!!!

About Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa Part 2. This time we take a look at the artwork of the hit graphic novel series. Join Martheus, Kevin and Janet as they talk about artistic influences and processes.

Martheus Wade on the Living the Dream Telethon hosted by the Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis

Are you curious about how comic books are colored? Want to learn how to color comic artwork yourself? Ready to get hands-on with some cool comic book artwork to practice coloring? With Hi-Fi Color for Comics you now have the chance.

Watch Brian Miller from HiFi color a panel from Jetta/Shi: Arrow of Destiny. See more of Jetta in Hi-Fi Color for Comics 2 coming this fall!

Check out our new 30 second commercial spot for Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa on sale in our store!! Created by Greg Gray, this 30 second short is a part of a bigger meet and greet session with the creative team behind the book! That should be coming soon. For now, please enjoy this teaser.

There is an easier way to get your hands on this ninja’s books.
Starring Kitty Contreras as Jetta and Eric Crimmins as The Dude.
Music: “Remain” by Dufreign (
Directed by Kevin Williams
Produced by MAW Productions: Martheus Antone Wade and Janet Wade
Edited by Inked Monkey Productions: Tim Brown

Memphis native Martheus Wade has always had a passion for comic books. His final project at the University of Memphis was creating his own graphic novel. A few years later, his hobby became his career. He created Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa. On July 11th, volume four, “Revelations”, was released.

Watch the insanity ensue as we were nice enough to do a couple drops for the station 91.5 The WAWL. As you can see we had some fun too.

Muley the Mule taking sometime out of his busy ConNooga ’08 schedule to record a drop for the station.

Kitty Contreras works it as Jetta during the Comic Con 2006!